Potato Patch Overlay on State Route 32

Potato Patch Overlay 1Potato Patch Overlay 2

The Project:

The Potato Patch Overlay Project will provide a pavement overlay on six miles of State Route 32 in Tehama County approximately 28 miles east of Forest Ranch, from one mile east of Deer Creek Bridge to just west of Slate Creek Bridge.

Project Includes:

Replacing asphalt concrete surfacing via digouts and placing 0.10’ hot mix asphalt overlay in project area, shoulder backing, and upgrading guardrail to meet current standards.

Current Project Schedule:

There are an estimated 30 working days for this project, all which will require traffic control.  Construction is currently scheduled for late spring/summer of 2022.  The project was originally planned for the 2021 construction season but was postponed due to the Dixie Fire.

Project Funding Estimates:

Total project cost (including support) is $1.3 million. This project is made possible by Highway Maintenance (HM) funding, with portions from Senate Bill (SB) 1.

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Project Manager: Brandon Trent

Public Information Officer: Chris Woodward