State Route 3 Montague Gap Overlay

Montague Gap OverlayMontague Gap Overlay 2

The Project:

The Montague Gap Overlay Project will provide a pavement overlay on three miles of State Route 3 in Siskiyou County between Yreka and Montague, from just south of Juniper Drive to north of Calamity Lane.

Project Includes:

Replacing asphalt concrete surfacing via digouts and placing 0.10’ hot mix asphalt overlay in project area, shoulder backing, and striping.

Current Project Schedule:

There are an estimated 30 working days for this project, all which will require traffic control.  Construction is currently scheduled for early summer of 2022.

Project Funding Estimates:

Total project cost (including support) is $1.25 million. This project is made possible by Highway Maintenance funding.

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Project Manager: Brandon Trent

Public Information Officer: Chris Woodward