Francis B. Mathews Rest Area on State Route 299 in Trinity County

Francis B. Mathews 4

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans District 2), in conjunction with St. Rhoades Construction, Inc., began construction on the Francis B. Mathews Rest Area on April 26, 2021. Work on the $1.36 million project will include the installation of a new well and water treatment system, expansion and repaving of the parking lot, and the replacement of sidewalks and curb ramps to meet ADA standards. 

The rest area is anticipated to be closed for construction until mid-September. Travelers should plan ahead if traveling in the area during construction. 

Francis B. Mathews 3

Construction projects are subject to changes without prior notice. Caltrans and its contractors do their best to keep the public informed. To stay up-to-date on highway projects, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter. The public can also call (530) 225-3426 during working hours or send an email to

The state's transportation system is a high priority for California. North Region Construction and District 2 continue to follow construction operations as scheduled while monitoring developments related to the COVID-19 emergency.