Bordertown Wildlife Crossing Project on U.S. 395

Bordertown Wildlife Crossing

The Project:

The Bordertown Wildlife Crossing project, in Lassen and Sierra Counties along U.S. 395, will install 5.2 miles of new wildlife exclusionary fencing and perform maintenance on 7.6 miles of existing wildlife exclusionary fencing. The work is on both sides of U.S. 395 starting at the California/Nevada State Line in Sierra County and extends northward into Lassen County. The new fence will tie into existing wildlife exclusionary fencing in Lassen County.

Project Benefits:

Exclusionary fencing, deer gates, and animal under crossings were constructed approximately 25 years ago in random locations within the current project limits on both sides of the highway to improve safe animal passage and reduce wildlife-vehicle collisions. At that time, exclusionary fencing was placed along some segments of the roadway; additional exclusionary fencing was considered a future need. This project will rectify the gaps in the fencing and decrease animal/vehicle collisions.

Project Includes:

This project will remove 28 non-functioning one-way deer gates and replace them with 28 wildlife escape ramps, as well as upgrade four existing wildlife under crossings within the project limits.

Current Project Schedule:

It is estimated this project will take 90 workings days, with minor shoulder closures and minimal delays. Construction is scheduled to start late May/early June 2022.

Project Funding Estimates:

Project Cost: $1.1M

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Project Manager: Mike Mogen

Public Information Officer: Kurt Villavicencio