Black Butte Overhead Bridge Replacement Project

Black Butte Overhead

The Black Butte Overhead Bridge Replacement project will replace the existing southbound Black Butte Overhead Bridge on Interstate 5 in Siskiyou County near Weed from 0.1 miles south of the Deetz Road Undercrossing to 0.6 miles north of the Black Butte Overhead. The new bridge will be on a new alignment and will be adjacent to the existing structure in the median.

The existing bridge was constructed in 1949 and is overdue for replacement. It was constructed using steel girders, which over the years have begun to fatigue. The concrete foundation has also shown signs of cracking in the supports. If not replaced, the combined declining conditions of this bridge will require load rating reductions that will not meet the needs of the I-5 corridor in the future.

The purpose of this project is to replace the aging overhead bridge with a new, low maintenance, long-life structure that meets current mobility and safety requirements.

The current programmed construction estimate for this project is $8.6 million.

Project Objectives:

• Replace aged & structurally deficient southbound bridge

• Minimize interruptions in railroad schedule during construction

• Improve site distance of the Deetz Rd. off-ramp

• Realign southbound I-5 and construct the realigned roadway with structure in the existing median

• Construct new metal beam guard railing

• Remove the existing southbound Black Butte Overhead.

• Remove the existing southbound section of I-5 after realignment.