Bass Moutain Mill and Fill Project on U.S. 395

Bass Mt Mill and Fill Before Photos 1Bass Mt Mill and Fill Before Photos 2

The Project:

The Bass Mountain Mill & Fill Project will cold plane the existing asphalt concrete surfacing and replace with hot mix asphalt between Susanville and Janesville, from just north of Sunnyside Road to just north of the junction with State Route 36.  The project will also include the replacement of signal loops at the U.S. 395/State Route 36 intersection and striping.

Project Includes:

Cold planning of existing asphalt concrete and replacing with 0.10’ hot mix asphalt in project area, replacement of signal loops at U.S. 395/State Route 36 intersection, and striping

Current Project Schedule:

There are an estimated 30 working days for this project, all which will require traffic control.  Construction is currently scheduled for summer of 2022.

Project Funding Estimates:

Total project cost (including support) is $1.8 million. This project is made possible by Highway Maintenance funding, with portions from Senate Bill (SB) 1.

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Project Manager: Brandon Trent

Public Information Officer: Chris Woodward