SR-22 Safety Improvement Project

Over $20 million in improvements will be made to the Eastbound segment of the Garden Grove Freeway (State Route 22), widening the inside of the horseshoe connector that services Northbound Interstate 5 and Northbound State Route 57 to three lanes, removing a half a mile of the collector-distributor road concrete barrier, and extending the concrete barrier to provide access to the horseshoe connector.


Due to a number of factors, there is a significant number of collisions on Eastbound State Route 22 between State Route 39 and Interstate 5 when compared to similar stretches of California highways. Most notably, the high volume of traffic contributes to an increase in the difficulty and delays that drivers face on this portion of infrastructure.

The SR-22 Safety Improvement project proposes to shorten the length of the collector-distributor road and reconfigure Eastbound SR-22 at the Horseshoe connector. This work is the most recent in Caltrans’ efforts to improve the conditions on SR-22. 

In 2007, Caltrans and OCTA finished an improvement project on the Garden Grove Freeway that widened the freeway (adding HOV, general purpose, and auxiliary lanes) massively improving traffic flow and safety. They also added the collector-distributor road between The City Drive in Orange and I-5 and State Route 57. Through this new safety project, Caltrans will further optimize that collector-distributor road in specific and SR-22 in general.

How does this work affect you?

Closures and Detours

As a result of closures for work, each stage of the project will require a few detours. Most work and detours will occur at night and will be posted on this page when there are active closures. Additionally, when the detour routes are active, signs marking them will be placed along the roadside for your reference.

Upcoming Closures 

From January 20th through January  24th there will be no closures.

After Project Completion

In order to improve the safety conditions on this stretch of SR-22, half a mile of the collector-distributor road concrete barrier will be removed near the City Drive on-ramp and the end of the concrete barrier approaching the horseshoe connector will be extended. This reconfiguration will have three significant impacts:

  1. The access to Eastbound SR-22 immediately before the horseshoe connector will be closed, eliminating the last second crossover traffic from the collector-distributor road to Eastbound SR-22.
  2. The Bristol St. on-ramp will only provide access to Southbound I-5 and the horseshoe connector to Northbound I-5 and Northbound SR-57. It will no longer provide access to Eastbound SR-22.
  3. Access to Eastbound SR-22 from the City Drive on-ramp will be opened.

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For questions, please contact Justin Lesniewski by email or at (657) 328-6594.