Mission and Vision

Children in presentation room. For more information contact bruce.april@dot.ca.gov.Mission

To preserve and interpret the District’s transportation history for education and envision the future of regional land transportation to foster interest in the ways mobility decisions serve the diverse communities and environments of San Diego & Imperial Counties.


Through their museum experience, visitors will learn and acquire a greater understanding of the need for safe, sustainable, integrated, and efficient transportation systems.


The formation of the Museum has been collaborative and continues to evolve. The Museum is an official non-profit organization with the building owned and operated by the State. The Board of Directors meets monthly and oversees an advisory committee, a team of volunteers, and college interns. The Museum team has drafted a mission and vision, curation forms, management plans, and bylaws. An oral history program has begun to record the unique transportation history of our region. A $17,000 grant has been secured, and the Museum is also now included as part of the Our Promise Campaign. A successful Caltrans-only Museum Test Drive event was held, showcasing exhibits and a guest lecturer.