West Branch Cherokee Creek Bridge

Project Facts


The proposed project will demolish the current West Branch Cherokee Creek Bridge (Bridge #30-0036, Cherokee Bridge) and replace it with a new structure. The existing bridge is more than 80 years old, with a soffit elevation of 1,422.7 feet above mean sea level. The bridge structure is currently capable of accommodating 800 cubic feet per second of water flow. The guardrails do not meet current Caltrans standards and, although the structure currently has 12-foot-wide lanes, there are no shoulders along this area.

Project Benefits

The proposed bridge design will increase the soffit elevation by 4 feet (to 1,426.7 feet above mean sea level). This will require that the bridge span (length) increase to 31 feet and that the roadway on either end be elevated to match the bridge elevation. The new structure will pass 1,800 cubic feet per second of water flow and provide 2 feet of freeboard (distance from water surface to bottom of bridge soffit), allowing water-borne debris to pass through and prevent the bridge from failing.

Purpose: Focused IS with just one build alternative, no P&N statement required

Funding Breakdown

Local: N/A
State: $8,149,000
Federal: N/A
Estimated Total Project Cost: $8,149,000

Proposed Project Schedule

Environmental document to be completed: 12/2/19
Right of way acquisition to be completed: 10/19/21
Design to be completed: 11/29/21
Advertise: 3/29/22
Construction to begin: 6/18/22
Construction to be completed: 6/18/23

Project Contact

Public Information Office:
Phone: 209/948-7977
Email: District10PublicAffairs@dot.ca.gov


West Branch Cherokee Creek Bridge (PDF)