West Branch Cherokee Creek Bridge

Project Description

The proposed project will demolish the current West Branch Cherokee Creek Bridge (Bridge #30-0036, Cherokee Bridge) and replace it with a new structure. The existing bridge is more than 80 years old, with a soffit elevation of 1,422.7 feet above mean sea level. The bridge structure is currently capable of accommodating 800 cubic feet per second of water flow. The guardrails do not meet current Caltrans standards and, although the structure currently has 12-foot-wide lanes, there are no shoulders along this area.


Project Benefits

Purpose and Need

The proposed bridge design will increase the soffit elevation by 4 feet (to 1,426.7 feet above mean sea level). This will require that the bridge span (length) increase to 31 feet and that the roadway on either end be elevated to match the bridge elevation. The new structure will pass 1,800 cubic feet per second of water flow and provide 2 feet of freeboard (distance from water surface to bottom of bridge soffit), allowing water-borne debris to pass through and prevent the bridge from failing.


Funding Source

The project is programmed in the 2018 State Highway Operation and Protection Program (SHOPP) and Senate Bill-1 (SB1) under the Bridge Rehabilitation Program in fiscal year 2021/22.


Project Cost/Programmed

 Process Capital $ Support $
Project Approval & Environmental Document $0 $866,000
Plans, Specifications, & Estimates $0 $1,530,000*
Right of Way $278,000 $281,000
Construction $5,786,000 $1,500,000


Projected Cost as of (June 6, 2022) Planned $ Expended $
Project Approval & Environmental Document $866,000 $803,000
Plans, Specifications, & Estimates $1,830,000 $1,662,000
Right of Way Support $281,000 $232,000
Construction Support $1,500,000 $0

*plus $300,000 contribution from the County


Current Schedule

 Process Date
Project Study Report (M010) Spring 2017
Project Approval & Environmental Document (M200) Winter 2019
Right of Way Certification (M410) Spring 2022
Ready to List (M460) Spring 2022
Approved Construction Contract (M500) Winter 2022
Project Completion (M600) Summer 2024


Project Status

Project on schedule. In Design phase, Construction to start in December of 2022.


Project Contact

Public Information Office:
Phone: 209/948-7977
Email: District10PublicAffairs@dot.ca.gov



Initial Study with Negative Declaration - November 2019 (PDF) 3,000 KB


Title VI Information

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