State Route 88 - Pine Grove SR-88 Improvements Project

Project Facts


The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), Amador County, and the Amador County Transportation Commission (ACTC) propose improvements to the segment of State Route 88 (SR 88) in Amador County from post mile (PM) 21.6 near Climax Road to PM 24.6 near Tabeaud Road. Improvements would include intersection and lane reconfiguration, pedestrian and bicycle improvements, and roadway associated improvements along SR 88. This project is located in the town of Pine Grove in Amador County, California.

Project Benefits

The purpose of the SR 88 Pine Grove Corridor Improvement Project is to improve existing and future SR 88 operations, alleviate existing congestion in the project area, and provide a transportation facility consistent with Caltrans Roadway Design Standards, as well as local, regional, and statewide plans.

The SR 88 Pine Grove Corridor Improvement Project is needed because vehicle operations through the Town of Pine Grove are projected to deteriorate to failing levels of service by 2044, resulting in unacceptable vehicle delays at key intersections on SR 88. These intersections are currently experiencing congestion during peak hours due to increased traffic volumes on Climax Road, Ridge Road, and Volcano Road. Due to these factors, there is a need to improve long-term traffic circulation in the Pine Grove area. The resulting congestion concerns both local and regional traffic.

Funding Breakdown

Pending approval of phasing modifications, the revised Phase A is proposed to be constructed in 2020 and anticipated to cost $15 million. The revised Phase A is funded through a combination of High Priority Projects (HPP) and State Transportation Improvements Program (STIP) funding.

Subsequent phased improvements are anticipated to cost $20 million and would be constructed before 2044 or when funding is identified. These improvements include: realignment of Climax Road, pavement overlay on SR 88, parking lot at SR 88/Irish Town intersection, and various access and parking lot construction at Pine Grove Elementary School.

Project Status

Phasing modifications to the approved SR 88 Pine Grove Improvement project are proposed to construct corridor-wide improvements with available funding. The revised Phase A extends from east of Climax Road to east of Tabeaud Road and proposes the following improvements:

  • Standard 8-foot shoulders and 12-foot lanes on SR 88
  • At the SR 88/Ridge Road intersection, operational improvements include dual left-turn lanes from Ridge Road onto eastbound SR 88, in addition to formal pedestrian crossings of the intersection
  • Improving the pedestrian crossing near the Town Hall, just east of Irish Town Road, including the installation of a hybrid beacon
  • Signalizing SR 88/Volcano Road intersection. Correcting the intersection skew to standard
  • Access construction at Pine Grove Elementary School
  • Improving SR 88/Tabeaud Road intersection operations by constructing a westbound by-pass lane; left turn acceleration lane followed by lane drop for westbound left turns from Tabeaud Road
  • Constructing sidewalk on the south side of SR 88 from Ridge Road to Irish Town Road and sidewalks along both north and south sides of SR 88 from Irish Town Road to Pine Grove Elementary School
  • Formalizing upcountry and down country bus stops
  • On street parking near Town Hall
  • A Class III bikeway will be provided in the widened and improved roadway shoulders


Caltrans, Amador County, and Amador County Transportation Commission

Project Contact

For general project information, please contact:

Jered Reinking
Amador County, Senior Civil Engineer
Phone: (209) 223-6226

Sinarath Pheng
Caltrans, Project Manager
Phone: (209) 948-7829

District 10 Public Information Office
1976 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard 
Stockton, CA 95205
Phone: (209) 948-7977