State Route 132 Dakota Avenue to Gates Road Project

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Project Facts


The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), working in cooperation with Stanislaus County, proposes to construct an access-controlled facility within the western-central portion of Stanislaus County, from Gates Road/Paradise Road to Dakota Avenue (post miles 4.5 to 11.7), 2 miles west of the City of Modesto. This project (State Route 132 Dakota Avenue to Gates Road) would be an extension of the State Route 132 West project that is being designed on a new alignment in the City of Modesto. There are four build alternatives and a no-build alternative under consideration on either the existing State Route 132 alignment or a new alignment.

Project Benefits


The project would improve mobility through western Stanislaus County connecting State Route 99 to Interstate 5; provide adequate capacity for regional movement of traffic and goods; enhance the local circulation network that would accommodate agriculture-generated traffic; and provide consistency with the existing and planned local, regional, and interregional transportation facilities.


The project is needed to accommodate increasing growth and traffic demands that have generated current and forecasted traffic operations deficiencies for the existing facility. Several rural driveways along the existing facility create conflict movements for the mainline traffic.

Funding Breakdown

The proposed sources of funding for the project include the Public Facility Fee Program, the Stanislaus County Measure L ½ Cent Transportation Sales Tax, the State Transportation Improvement Program, the SB 1 Trade Corridor Enhancement Program, and federal transportation programs.

Estimated Total Project Cost:

Total costs for the project (Project Approval & Environmental Document, Plans, Specifications & Estimates, Right of Way, and Construction costs) are estimated at $172 million in 2025 dollars.


Caltrans, Stanislaus County, StanCOG

Project Schedule

Environmental Document Completed: 2022
Right of Way Acquisition Completed: 2024
Design Completed: 2022
Advertise: 2024
Begin Construction: 2025
Expected Completion: 2027

Project Contacts

Project Manager: Jes Padda
Phone: (209) 948-7765

Caltrans Public Information Office
Phone: (209) 948-7977

Senior Environmental Planner: Jennifer Lugo
Phone: (559) 445-6172

Project Manager: Theron Roschen
Stanislaus County Public Works
Phone: (209) 525-4194


SR 132 Project Alternative Maps (PDF)

SR 132 Project Map All 4 Alternatives (PDF)


SR 132 Fact Sheet (PDF)

SR 132 Gates Dakota Project Fact Sheet ENGLISH (PDF)

SR 132 Gates Dakota Project Fact Sheet SPANISH (PDF)

2018 Public Scoping Meeting Boards (PDF)


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