I-205 Tracy HOV 8 Lane Widening

Project Facts

Fact Sheet (DOCX)


The I-205 Tracy HOV 8 Lane Widening (Project) consists of the construction of one HOV freeway lane in both the westbound and eastbound directions on Interstate 205 (I-205) between the Alameda County Line at post mile (PM) 0.0 and Interstate 5 (I-5) located at PM R12.5 in San Joaquin County. Widening would occur to the outside between PM 0.0 and approximately 3900 east of the Hansen Road Overcrossing, and within the existing median east to PM R12.5. A total of 22 bridges crossing local arterials, railroads, or waterways would be closed, resulting in 11 joined bridges. Existing auxiliary lanes from Mountain House Parkway to 11th Street would be perpetuated.

Purpose And Need:

The need for the Project is to address freeway capacity restrictions within the study limits, which is severely congested during both AM and PM peak periods due to interregional travel between the Northern San Joaquin Valley and employment centers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Thus, the purpose of the Project is reduce congestion, improve safety and air quality, and reduce congested vehicle miles traveled through encouraging the use of ridesharing and transit by adding HOV lanes.

Funding Source

The Project is funded through the Project Study Report phase with San Joaquin County Measure K funding. Funding is being requested from the Interregional Transportation Improvement Program as a new project in the 2018 State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) to complete the PA&ED phase using Advanced Project Development Element (APDE) funds. Matching funds are proposed from San Joaquin County Regional Improvement Program shares and Measure K funds.

Funding Breakdown

Item Capital Cost Support Cost

Project Approval & Environmental Document



Plans, Specifications, & Estimates



Right of Way

$6.0 – $6.6M



$251 - $321M


Projected Cost as of 07/26/2017 Planned Cost Expended Cost
Project Approval & Environmental Document $12,360,000 $0
Plans, Specifications, & Estimates TBD $0
Right of Way Capital TBD $0
Right of Way Support TBD $0

Project Schedule

  • Project Study Report (M010): 12/15/17 (Actual)
  • Project Approval & Environmental Document (M200): Winter 2020
  • Right of Way Certification (M410): TBD
  • Ready-to-List (M460): TBD
  • Approved Construction Contract (M500): TBD
  • Project Completion (M600): TBD

Project Status

The Project Study Report is complete. Project Approval & Environmental Document (PA&ED) phase will begin in mid-2018, pending availability of funding.

Project Contact

Mike Cook, Project Manager 
P.O. Box 2048 
Stockton, CA 95201-2048
Phone: (209) 470-2909
E-mail: Mike.Cook@dot.ca.gov 

San Joaquin Council of Governments
David Ripperda, Project Manager 
555 E Weber Avenue 
Stockton, CA 95202
Phone: (209) 235-0450 
E-mail: ripperda@sjcog.org 

District 10 Public Information Office
1976 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard 
Stockton, CA 95205
Phone: (209) 948-7977 
E-mail: district10publicaffairs@dot.ca.gov