Maintenance Station Improvement Project

10-1J010 - Alpine and Calaveras Counties, State Routes 88 and 26, Various Postmiles.

Project Facts


The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) proposes to construct a canopy structure to provide coverage during adverse weather conditions for the fuel tanks at the following maintenance stations: Woodfords Maintenance Station (Facility Number 31M3725), Caples Lake Maintenance Station (Facility Number 31M5730), and West Point Maintenance Station (Facility Number 30M5727). The project would construct canopy structures and foundations at the three maintenance station locations, remove and replace guard posts, and install light fixtures.

The project locations were identified on the Cortese List as sites with leaking underground storage tanks. Caltrans determined that an Initial Study should be prepared to adequately satisfy the CEQA requirements for Cortese List sites.

Project Benefits

Purpose: The purpose of this project is to provide cover and lighting for the fuel tanks at the Caples Lake, West Point, and Woodfords maintenance stations.

Need: The fuel tanks at the Caples Lake, West Point and Woodfords maintenance stations are currently exposed to the elements, resulting in accelerated deterioration of their fuel-dispensing apparatuses and components. Maintenance staff also have trouble fueling vehicles and equipment in adverse winter weather conditions and during the early morning or late evening when there is not enough light.


Funding Breakdown

Local: None
State: $3.0 million (Minor Program)
Federal: None
Estimated Total Project Cost: $3.0 million


Proposed Project Schedule

Environmental document to be completed: January 2020
Right of way acquisition to be completed: N/A
Design to be completed: 10/2/21
Advertise: RTL 1/3/22

Construction to begin: Spring 2022
Construction to be completed: Late 2022


Documents: Initial Study with Negative Declaration (PDF)


Project Contact
Public Information Office: (209) 948-7543



Map of Caltrans District 10 Maintenance Station Improvement Project Locations