CAL AMA 49 Mokelumne River Bridge Upgrade Project


Description: The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) proposes to upgrade the Mokelumne River Bridge (Bridge Number 26-0012) on State Route 49 in Amador and Calaveras counties by replacing the non-standard bridge rails with new rails that meet current standards and widening the shoulders to 4 feet on both sides of the traveled way to enhance the mobility of pedestrians and bicyclists.

Need & Purpose: There is a need to upgrade the non-standard concrete baluster bridge rails and the existing shoulder width on the bridge because it does not meet the needs of bicycle and pedestrian traffic. The purpose of this project is to upgrade the bridge rails to meet current crash safety standards and widen the bridge to enhance the mobility of pedestrian and bicycle traffic.


The project is fully funded by the State Highway Operation and Protection Program. The estimated construction capital cost is $4.3 million.


The project is currently in the design phase. Below is the tentative schedule.

  • Complete Design: November 2021 (Target)

  • Advertise Project: February 2022 (Target)

  • Award Contract: April 2022 (Target)

  • Begin Construction: June 2022 (Target)

  • Complete Construction: November 2022 (Target)


A virtual workshop will be held on February 24, 2021. Please refer to the notice in the Project Documents section below.


Sinara Pheng, Project Manager
Cell (209) 601-1334


Public Information Office: Caltrans District 10
Phone: 209/948-7977



Final Environmental Document - Initial Study with Negative Declaration - June 2020 (PDF) 5,472 KB

Virtual Workshop - English – February 2020 (PDF) 204 KB

Virtual Workshop - Spanish – February 2020 (PDF) 237 KB

Virtual Workshop Presentation English  - February 2020 (PDF) 3,019 KB

Virtual Workshop Presentation Spanish - February 2020 (PDF) 3,743 KB