State Route 140 Mariposa Capital Preventive Maintenance Pavement Restoration

Project Facts


The project proposes to dig out and repair localized areas of severe pavement failure and apply a preventive rubberized hot-mix asphalt overlay on the roadway surface throughout the project limits. The work would also remove and replace three drainage inlets, four culverts, one flared-end section, and one sinkhole within the City of Mariposa, and six culverts and one sinkhole outside the city. In addition, the project would remove and replace a dike, rumble strips, and guardrails. Shoulder backing would be placed throughout the project limits. The project would also install Americans with Disabilities Act curb ramps at two intersection corners to meet current standards.

Project Benefits

Purpose: The purpose of the project is to extend the service life of the existing pavement.

Need: A recent survey of pavement conditions on State Route 140 indicated major pavement distress along the roadway where severe cracking required repair. The repair will extend the service life of the pavement and improve the ride quality along State Route 140 for motorists.

Funding Breakdown

Local: $0

State: $0

Federal: $23,577,000 ($19,352,000 Construction and $4,225,000 Support)

Estimated Total Project Cost: $23,577,000 ($19,352,000 Construction and $4,225,000 Support)

Proposed Project Schedule

Environmental document to be completed: 2/26/2020

Right of way acquisition to be completed: 05/01/2022

Design to be completed: 06/01/2022

Advertise: 09/01/2022

Construction to begin: 12/01/2022

Construction to be completed: 06/01/2024


Project Contact

Public Information Office:  District 10

Phone: 209-948-7977



Final Environmental Document: Initial Study with Negative Declaration - February 2020 (PDF) 3,543 KB