Murphys Turn Lane

Video Update

Project Description

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) will build a two-way, center, left-turn lane to improve traffic conditions on State Route 4 between Pennsylvania Gulch Road and Main Street/Lawrence Street in the scenic town of Murphys in the Sierra Nevada foothills.

Murphys Map

The project also will include widening and restriping the roadway, installation of curbs, gutters and new drainage systems, as well as a high visibility crosswalk with flashing beacons at Route 4 and Pennsylvania Gulch Road.

Photos of Project Site

SR 4 at Lawrence & Main Streets  SR 4 at Michelson Elementary  SR 4 Crosswalk

Project Benefit

Motorists intending to make a left turn will be channeled into a center, two-way, left-turn lane, which will improve traffic flow and eliminate motorists from performing a potentially illegal maneuver by using the shoulder to pass vehicles in queue.

Purpose: This project will relieve congestion on Route 4 by allowing cars attempting to make left-hand turns from the highway to move out of the thru traffic lane and into a left-turn pocket increasing safety and traffic flow.

Need: Currently, motorists block the thru traffic while waiting to safely make a left turn onto Pennsylvania Gulch Road toward Michelson Elementary School and Main Street/Lawrence Street to downtown Murphys.

This increases traffic delay on Route 4, especially during peak morning and afternoon hours. Some drivers have been observed using the shoulder to pass vehicles waiting to safely make a left-hand turn.



Scheduled start: Summer 2021.

Scheduled completion: Fall 2021.


Traffic Impact

One-way traffic control and 10-minute delays are expected during nighttime hours.

Both lanes of Route 4 are expected to be open during daytime hours.


For more information and updates on additional projects, visit or on Twitter via @CaltransDist10.