State Route 88 Roadway Improvements

Project Facts


The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) proposes to make roadway improvements along State Route 88 between post mile 5.5 and post mile 14.3 in Amador County. The work would include cold-planing the asphalt pavement and overlaying the road surface from post mile 5.5 to post mile 14.3; digging out spot locations to repair localized failures; adding shoulder backing; removing and replacing roadway signage; replacing culverts and end treatments; replacing down drains; and upgrading existing metal beam guardrails to the Midwest Guardrail System within the project area.


Project Map


Project Benefits


The purpose of the project is to preserve and extend the service life of the existing pavement and improve its ride quality; prevent potential flooding or undermining of the roadway; and bring existing metal beam guardrails to current safety standards.


The project is needed to address the rapid and costly deterioration of the roadway surface and culverts, as well as correct the non-standard guardrails within the project area.


Estimated Funding Breakdown

Funding Source Funding Amount
Local Not Available
State $1,286,000 SHOPP RMRA Funds
Federal $10,229,000
Construction Cost $11,515,000


Proposed Project Schedule

Process Date
Final environmental document to be completed January 2022
Right-of-way acquisition to be completed May 2024
Design to be completed May 2024
Advertise September 2024
Construction to begin December 2024
Construction to be completed December 2027


Project Contact

Udaya Shankar, Project Manager
Phone: (209) 639-6456

Scott Guidi, Branch Chief
Phone: (209) 479-1839



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