Route 169 Rehab 52 Culverts

This project would rehabilitate 52 existing drainages on State Route 169. Culverts at 51 locations would be replaced with the same or larger diameter pipes. At 1 location, the drainage system would be removed and the flow would be redirected to another culvert nearby. The project would also include new inlets, downdrains, and rock energy dissipators at some locations. Private water lines that pass through culverts would be replaced in-kind.

The project is needed to repair deteriorating or failing drainage systems to prevent erosion and potential roadway embankment failure.

Following environmental studies and the permitting process, construction is currently expected to begin in May 2024 and finish in December 2026.


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For more information, contact:

David Melendrez, Project Manager

Myles Cochrane, Public Information (media inquiries)
707-498-4272, TTY 711

Last reviewed: October 2022

Aerial view of U.S. Route 169 as it meets the Klamath River.