Pudding Creek Bridge Widening & Rail Upgrade

The Project

Pudding Creek Bridge in Mendocino County. View looking North at mile marker 62.12.

Caltrans proposes to rehabilitate the existing Pudding Creek Bridge (Caltrans Bridge 10-0158) on State Route 1 (SR1) in Fort Bragg in Mendocino County (post miles 61.9).

Project Benefit

The purpose of the project is to improve safety for motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. The project includes widening the bridge to accommodate two 12-foot-wide lanes, two 8-foot-wide shoulders, two 6-foot walkways and new bridge railings to meet current standards.

The project includes:

The project includes “Complete Streets” improvements by constructing sidewalks on both sides of SR 1 from Pudding Creek Bridge south to Elm Street and north to Pudding Creek Drive. The project also includes drainage improvements and relocation of the City of Fort Bragg’s waterline from the Pudding Creek Dam to SR 1.

Current Project Schedule

  • Begin Construction: Summer 2023


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Contact Information

Project Manager:

Caren Coonrod

(707) 666-5707

Public Information Officer (Media Inquiries):

Manny Machado

707-496-6879, TTY 711

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Pudding Creek Bridge Widening & Rail Upgrade Project - Simulations of Proposed Designs