Jack Peters Bridge Widening & Rail Upgrade

The Project

The Jack Peters Creek Bridge Widening and Rail Upgrade Project is located on State Route 1 (SR1) in Mendocino County (post miles 51.87).

Project Benefit

The purpose of the project is to bring Jack Peters Creek Bridge up to current design standards by widening the existing structure and upgrading bridge rails.

The project includes:

The project includes widening the bridge to accommodate two 12-foot wide lanes, two 6-foot-wide shoulders and a 6-foot wide separated pedestrian walkway on the west side of the widened structure that will link the segment of the California Coastal Trail from County Road 5000 to Lansing Drive.

Current Project Schedule

  • Advertise - February 2023
  • Award - September 2023
  • Begin Construction - Spring 2024
  • End Construction - Fall 2025

Project Funding Estimates

  • Construction Capital: $9,596,000
  • Right-of-Way Capital: $717,000


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How to get involved:

Submit comments to jackpeterscreekbridge@dot.ca.gov.

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Contact Information:

Project Manager
Kiran Gopana
(530) 821-8373

Public Information Officer (Media Inquiries)
Manny Machado
(707) 496-6879, TTY 711

Public Meetings

Caltrans has hosted a series of virtual meetings to share information about and update progress on the proposed project.

Click on the thumbnails below to view recordings of previous meetings.

Virtual Meeting | March 10, 2023

Virtual Meeting | Oct. 6, 2022

Virtual Meeting | April 7, 2022

Proposed design for Jack Peters Bridge Widening project. Pedestrians and cyclists are seen on the proposed expanded and separated sidewalk.

Jack Peters Creek Bridge: View Looking East (Proposed)

Bridge spanning Jack Peter Creek in Mendocino County

Jack Peters Creek Bridge (Current)