North Point Arena Pavement Rehabilitation and Sidewalk Replacement Project

Project DescriptionRoute 1 running through Point Arena in Mendocino County. A sidewalk runs along the roadway in front of stores and buildings.

Caltrans proposes to construct improvements on State Route 1 (SR1) in Point Arena, Mendocino County from post miles 14.7 to 33.9. Work would include pavement rehabilitation and the replacement of sidewalks, curb ramps and guardrails.

Project Benefit

The purpose of the Route 1 Corridor Project is to provide preventative pavement maintenance and improve the safety and accessibility of pedestrian facilities. The roadway will receive a full-width asphalt concrete overlay. Curb ramps and sidewalks will be reconstructed in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards and new guardrails will meet current design standards.


Begin Construction: Spring 2027
End Construction: Fall 2028

Project Funding Estimates

  • Estimated Total Construction Cost: $30,350,000


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Contact Information

Project Manager
Tony Symanovich
(707) 496-4195

Public Information Officer (Media Inquires)
Manny Machado
(707) 496-6879, TTY 711

Last reviewed: March 2024

Additional Information 

Public Meeting

Thursday, April 18
6 to 7 p.m.

Point Arena City Hall/Veterans Memorial Building
451 School St., Point Arena

Route 1 sign.

Route 1 near Point Arena California in Mendocino County. A two-lane highway is flanked by grass covered hills. It extends from the left to right with a grey cloudy sky.

Route 1 at post mile 18