Calpella Two Bridge Replacements

This project will replace the existing two bridges on State Route 20 (SR20) that span the Russian River and Eastside Road in Redwood Valley, Mendocino County (post miles 33.4 to 34.2).

The existing bridges will remain intact during construction to accommodate traffic. It was decided to construct one single bridge on an alignment slightly to the south allowing construction to take place with minimal impacts to the public.

Purpose and Need

The current Russian River Bridge was built in 1955 and is reaching the end of its service life. The Eastside Capella Overcrossing will also be replaced. The new bridge alignment will improve safety for motorists and bicyclists and will allow for better acceleration and deceleration lanes at the intersection of Route 20 and Road 144.

Project Timeline

  • Begin Construction: June 2022
  • End Construction: November 2025


  • Construction Capital: $28,701K
  • Right of Way Capital: $1,121K


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Simulations of Proposed Designs

Contact Information

Project Manager

Robert King (707) 296-5573

Public Information Officer (Media Inquires)

Manny Machado (707) 496-6879, TTY 711

View from the bridge deck of Calpella Two Bridge Replacements Project. A cement crane is in the background with contractor crews working in the foreground.

Side view of the Calpella Two Bridges Replacement project with the bridge deck and column structure visible.
Construction is underway on the Calpella Two Bridge Replacement Project. 

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Screenshot of Facebook post from August 2, 2023 that reads "CALPELLA BRIDGE UPDATE: Motorists can expect some upcoming changes, as we continue to replace the two Calpella bridges across the Russian River and East Side Calpella Road in Redwood Valley, Mendocino County.  Starting Monday, August 14, motorists traveling eastbound on Route 20 will be unable to use the left turn lane onto Road 144. And on the west end of the project, traffic will be routed onto a temporary alignment. These changes are expected to last until next spring and will allow for crews to connect the existing roadway to the new bridge.  Myers and Sons Construction is the contractor for the $32.4 million improvement project with the assistance of $5.2 million from SB 1. Completion is expected in 2025." 

A thumbnail image of a District 1 Facebook post that reads

Screenshot of Facebook post about the Calpella Two Bridge Replacement Project.

Screenshot of Facebook post about the Calpella Two Bridges Replacement Project