Two-way traffic resumes on U.S. 101's Last Chance Grade for the first time in about nine years


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Good news for U.S. 101 in Del Norte County! Last Chance Grade south of Crescent City is now open to two-way traffic for the first time in approximately nine years. While traffic is flowing freely there for now, the landslide-prone area remains a top priority for Caltrans as we’re focused on constructing a long-term solution for continued U.S. 101 connectivity in the area. 

With the support and partnership of our valued partner agencies, stakeholders, tribal members, and lawmakers, landslide activity and major storms over the last nine years have prompted our staff to partner with top-notch contractors and subcontractors to complete a large list of robust repairs, upgrades, and analyses. That list includes and is not limited to the removal of tens of thousands of cubic yards of slide materials, the installation of wire mesh on slopes, geotechnical investigations, portable signal system installations, the construction of multiple stability-enhancing walls, wall repairs, drainage system installations, railing installations, roadway realignments, paving, striping, the installation of advance warning beacons, signage installations, and flagging operations.

Incredible teamwork over this timeframe has allowed us to build the most vigorous section of coastal roadway possible intended to aid our community until a long-term solution can be constructed. That said, while we’re looking at an upcoming stretch of two-way traffic at Last Chance Grade, future stretches of traffic control will be inevitable.

We're aiming to begin the construction of a new wall near Wilson Creek in 2027, we’re ready to respond to any repair needs as they arise 24-7, and we’ll be conducting future analysis related to our long-term solution for Last Chance Grade. Remember that so long as this stretch of highway is open, it has been deemed safe to travel in real-time by our staff.

You can read more about our work toward a long-term solution at Soon we will be releasing a Draft Environmental Document regarding this solution for Last Chance Grade and if all goes according to plan we could begin construction as early as 2030.


Curved stretch of U.S. 101 at Last Chance Grade in Del Norte County. A retaining wall towers over the cement roadway.