Caltrans and Mendocino County Host Clean CA Dump Day Event in Willits


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WILLITS – Caltrans District 1, the County of Mendocino, and Solid Wastes of Willits announced today that there will be a Clean California (Clean CA) Dump Day event held Sunday, Aug. 6, at the Willits Transfer Station.

The Dump Day allows residents to drop off large, accepted items for free. Dump Day events were made possible through Governor Gavin Newsom’s Clean California initiative. A sweeping $1.2 billion, multiyear cleanup effort led by Caltrans to keep roads and waterways free of litter, create thousands of jobs, and transform state and local public spaces through beautification efforts.

Who: Willits-area residents

What: Free Dump Day event

When: Sunday, Aug. 6, 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. or until capacity reached.

Where: Willits Transfer Station 351 Franklin Ave.

This Dump Day event is limited to furniture, appliances, off-rim car and light truck tires (limit nine per load), mattresses, green waste, and large/bulky residential items. Caltrans District 1 partnered with the Mattress Recycling Council and Castle Tire to recycle mattresses and tires dropped off at this event.

Hazardous waste, electronics, business waste, construction debris, commercial tires and tires on rims cannot be accepted.

Please separate recyclables, trash, green waste, appliances and metal to help the line move faster.

For more information about acceptable items, contact Solid Wastes of Willits at (707) 459-4778.

Caltrans reminds motorists to properly secure and tarp all cargo loads prior to driving. Transporting unsecured loads is unsafe, illegal, and pollutes California's roads and waterways. Loads that are not tied down, enclosed, or secured by tarps or other means will not be accepted.

 Tips for securing your load:

  • Completely cover loads with tarps or cargo nets. Debris can escape from gaps.
  • Remove loose material and trash before driving.
  • Don't overload – keep materials level with your truck bed.
  • Put light items lower, tie large items to the vehicle for traffic safety.

About the Campaign:

Clean California Community Dump Day events are made possible through Governor Gavin Newsom's Clean California initiative, a sweeping $1.2 billion, multiyear clean-up effort led by Caltrans to remove trash, create thousands of jobs, and engage communities to transform public spaces. Since 2021, the program has removed 1.7 million cubic yards of trash, created 3,500 jobs, and awarded $300 million in local grants. Visit to learn more about how Clean California is transforming communities and educating the public.

In February, Gov. Newsom announced a new funding round for $100 million in grants for local Clean California projects. There are also a variety of career and job opportunities through Clean California. For more information on this, please visit the jobs section at

Caltrans is also developing the Clean California Community program, in which communities from across the state can earn a designation by meeting criteria centered around preventing and cleaning up litter, promoting recycling, and otherwise greening or beautifying their communities. Incentives will also be offered to encourage communities to earn this designation.