Groundbreaking Celebrates Safety-Enhancing U.S. 101 Indianola Undercrossing Between Eureka And Arcata


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Humboldt County – Caltrans and project partners gathered along U.S. 101 between Eureka and Arcata on Thursday, June 15 to celebrate the groundbreaking of the Indianola Undercrossing Project. Coming in at approximately $51.4 million in construction costs, the safety-enhancing project is possible thanks to state and local funds and is part of the greater Eureka-Arcata U.S. 101 Corridor Improvement Project. 

“The Indianola Undercrossing Project is a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to improving transportation safety in our community,” said Caltrans District 1 Director Matt Brady. “We’ve recognized the need for improved safety between Humboldt County’s two most populated cities for much of recent history. Today with our partners by our side, we're making great strides toward a safer U.S. 101 for everyone.” 

Among our valued partners in these efforts, the Humboldt County Association of Governments (HCAOG) has committed significant funds and beneficial collaboration for a long time.

“For over 20 years HCAOG has been working to bring this regionally important safety project to fruition,” said HCAOG Executive Director Beth Burks. “It has been HCAOG’s largest investment in a single project and represents years of determination. This project is possible because of strong collaboration with Caltrans and our partners. I’m looking forward to all road users benefitting from these safety improvements.” 

The Eureka-Arcata U.S. 101 Corridor Improvement includes the undercrossing at Indianola Road and an upcoming northbound traffic signal at Airport Road, as well as recently completed acceleration and deceleration lane improvements, cable median barrier installation, bridge and rail replacements at Jacoby Creek and Gannon Slough, and tide gate replacements. 

“As progress continues for these projects, we’re committed to delivering safety-enhancing upgrades while keeping the public informed along the way,” said Caltrans Project Manager Jeff Pimentel. “While we don’t anticipate significant traffic impacts for the undercrossing project, I encourage the community to stay connected and informed via our project web page and with ‘Caltrans District 1’ on social media as we move forward.” 

Caltrans thanks Granite Construction as the Indianola Undercrossing’s dedicated contractor along with its many valued partners.

The department also thanks travelers in advance for slowing in the cone zone to keep workers safe while they conduct these improvements. 

The undercrossing project is currently estimated to be complete by the end of 2025. 

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A rendering of the Indianola Undercrossing. Simulated vehicles pass underneath a grey concrete overpass stamped with images of egrets flying and wind embellishments. A pair of simulated pedestrians run along a sidewalk bordering the undercrossing.

Rendering of Indianola Undercrossing.