'Pop-ups’ to temporarily test proposed improvements to Eureka’s Broadway


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For up to four weeks, Caltrans District 1 will enact pop-up demonstrations along the Broadway portion of U.S. 101 in Eureka. These test demonstrations will include the temporary installation of materials such as vertical cone-like delineators and paint to analyze proposed improvements for nonmotorized users before possible construction. 

Weather dependent and with daily evaluation, the pop-ups are scheduled to be in place from May 12 until June 12. Additionally, feedback about the demonstrations will help decide how Broadway will look in the future. Travelers interacting with the pop-ups are encouraged to read more and provide crucial feedback via a survey at broadwaypopups.com

These projects are intended to enhance safety for all road users, improve connections to local roads, improve transit access for pedestrians and cyclists, and make walking and cycling a more enjoyable experience along Broadway. The demonstrations will allow Caltrans to understand the potential impacts of these improvements on all road users, receive feedback from stakeholders and community members, and adjust project designs before permanent construction. 

Improvements such as these pop-ups and other projects are being planned and designed in close coordination with our partners including the City of Eureka, Humboldt Transit Authority, Humboldt Bay Fire, Humboldt County Association of Governments, and community-based organizations. 

For additional updates on these projects and others, follow Caltrans District 1 on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also check out the District 1 Current Projects page for more information on these and other projects. 


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