Transit Working Groups

Cal-ITP hosts gatherings of transit agency staff around specific topics to facilitate the open exchange of questions and experiences. These groups meet online once a quarter. These sessions typically include a peer presentation on a topic selected by the participants in advance. Cal-ITP staff and consultants facilitate the meetings, present relevant updates on the Cal-ITP project, and document and bring relevant issues that are raised into Cal-ITP's road map.

Current working groups

  • Small transit agencies (< 1M annual riders)
    • Next meeting: June, September, December
  • Medium transit agencies (1-5M annual riders)
    • Next meeting: June, September, December
  • Large transit agencies (5-10M annual riders)
    • Next meeting: June, September, December

Previous topics

  • CAD/AVL system deployment
  • Standalone AVL systems
  • Real-time information dissemination
  • Real-time prediction accuracy improvement
  • GTFS and GTFS-RT implementation and best practices
  • APC procurement, certification, and maintenance
  • Real-time occupancy information
  • Real-time alert systems
  • Scheduling processes
  • Onboard connectivity 
  • Reporting systems, and 
  • System interoperability. 

Potential working groups

These may form based on transit provider demand.

  • Demand-responsive transit
  • Operational data

If your agency is interested in joining the next meeting of one of the groups above, or would like to propose another focus area, contact