Technology Demonstrations

To accelerate development and utilization of new and improved technology, Cal-ITP often plays the role of industry convener. These activities include connecting transit agencies with new technologies, as well as assembling enough new data to attract the interest of third-party trip planners.

Current demonstration projects are listed below.

Cal-ITP intends to host demonstration projects on the following topics in the future.

  • Fares, including fare media, policies, and interagency transfers
  • Automated discount eligibility verification for Veterans and low-income riders
  • Text-to-speech for stop and route names
  • Text-to-speech for describing interior pathways
  • Elevator and escalator status
  • Shared infrastructure
  • Extending the GTFS specification to describe CAD/AVL outputs and other backend data
  • Automated Passenger Counting (APC) technology GTFS data for demand-responsive transit
  • Visualization and validation tools to improve GTFS accuracy and consistency

If you represent an agency or vendor that would like to participate in one of the above projects, contact