Relocation Assistance Program

If your agency displaces a residential family due to a federal or federally funded project, and that family relocates to California, the Department of Transportation's Right of Way office can conduct the Decent, Safe and Sanitary (DS&S) inspection for you. Please call, mail or fax your request to the Headquarters office, along with any specific issues you need addressed. If you have a standard inspection form, we will gladly use it during the inspection, or we can complete the inspection using our standard form (RW 10-40) which is in Chapter 10 of the Right of Way Manual.

The Department's occupancy standards are based on "two persons per bedroom" unless a member of the displacee's family requires a separate room because of a physical condition or excessive medical equipment. In some cases, the bedroom for the actual replacement property may be large enough to accommodate three persons if their personal property is minimal. If you have questions or concerns about the number of bedrooms for the displacees, please address that in your request.

Our Relocation Assistance Seniors, located in twelve offices throughout the state, will respond promptly to your request, and ensure that any relevant issues are addressed in the inspection report.