Real Property Services

The Right of Way Office of Real Property Services (RPS) is responsible for the management and disposition of all property purchased for transportation projects. There are several functional areas within the catchall name of "Real Property Services". These include: Property Management, Excess Land, Airspace, Clearance and Demolition, Wireless Telecommunications, and Fiber Optics.

Headquarters RPS is staffed by a Supervising Right of Way Agent and Senior Right of Way Agents who are responsible, on a statewide basis, for the management, efficiency and effectiveness of the functional areas outlined above. Real Property Services is also charged with the development and implementation of statewide RPS policies and procedures. Headquarters RPS acts in an advisory capacity to the Districts and Regions, as well as monitoring for compliance with state and federal laws and regulations, and Caltrans' policies. RPS is also responsible for assuring that Caltrans optimizes both the use of, and economic return from, properties held for future transportation projects.

Real Property Services Compliance Requirements Recording and FAQ