Office of Land Surveys Contact Information

Contact Information

Office / Mailing Address

1727 30th Street, MS 35
Sacramento, CA 95816-7005


Position  Name  Telephone E-mail 
 Chief (Acting)  Ginger Congi  916-227-7669
 Relinquishments & Vacations  Sherry Toutges  916-227-5737
 R/W Engineering Coordination  Curtis Burfield  916-227-5921
 Surveying Data Management and GIS  Annette Hovorka  916-227-9442
 New Technology  John Gilmore  John Gilmore
 Surveying Systems - Field  Eric Vance  916-227-7640
 GPS Systems & Geodetic Control  Scott Martin  916-227-7328
 Surveys Coordination  Mark Sheahan  916-227-7665
 Survey Standards Paul Fredrickson  916-227-9440
 Surveying Systems - Office

Mark Counts


 Training Coordination  Vacant  916-xxx-xxxx