Airspace and Telecommunications Licensing

The Airspace and Telecommunications Licensing Program, or simply Airspace, is part of the Real Property Services Branch within the Division of Right of Way. Traditionally, Airspace was that area under bridge structures and viaducts that could be used for other purposes. Hence the term Airspace. Airspace is responsible for leasing and managing those properties or sites held for a transportation purpose that can safely accommodate a secondary use. More simply put, Airspace leases specific areas within state highway right of way.

Airspace can be defined not only as property within the right of way limits of an existing operating highway, but all Caltrans owned and operated facilities that are used to support the transportation system. Airspace is not property held for a future transportation use (those properties are managed by the Property Management Branch) nor is it available for sale as it is not excess or surplus to the State's needs. Sales of Caltrans' property is handled by the Excess Lands Branch.

By leasing airspace sites and licensing wireless facilities within freeway right of way, Airspace generates revenue that is deposited into the State Highway Account.

If you have seen one of our For Lease signs or have identified property that is probably state highway right of way and may be of interest to you on a short or long term basis, please contact one of our District Airspace/Wireless Coordinators.  If you need assistance contacting your local Airspace/Wireless Coordinator, please contact Right of Way for current liaison assignments.