Fiscal Year 2021-22 Approved Research

The Division of Research Innovation and System Information (DRISI) funds research on a wide variety of topics to provide a safe and reliable transportation network that serves all people and respects the environment.  DRISI’s research program emphasizes customer participation throughout the research selection process and effective deployment and customer ownership of the research products.

By Program Steering Committee


  • Task 3614 - Connected Vehicle - Pooled Fund Study- TPF-5(389)
  • Task 3924 - PAV:  Integration of Thermal Infrared (IR) Imaging into the Caltrans Inspection Program for Pavements and Bridge Decks
  • Task 3900 - A Roadmap for Flow Smoothing via Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAV) in California


  • Task 3910 - Improve Highway Safety by Developing Guidance and Standards for the Design of Left Turn Pocket Approach Tapers on Single and Multilane Highways
  • Task 3848 - Cost-Benefit Analysis for Concrete vs Metal Guardrails and Wood vs Metal Posts for Signs and Guardrails
  • Task 3847 - Development of a Maintenance Prioritization Assessment and Safety Tool
  • Task 3911 - Determine Regional Sediment Bulking Methods for Northern California in Support of Wildfire Mitigation


  • Task 3785 - An Assessment of Paved Road Dust Emissions (Road Dust) Modeling Methods
  • Task 3783 - Response of San Joaquin Kit Foxes to Road Construction Project Sites:  Mitigation Strategies to Minimize Project Delays And Impacts
  • Task 3787 - Roadway Crossings for Sensitive Amphibians and Reptiles: Phase II


  • Task 3994 - Community Engagement Metric for Pilot Equity Index
  • Task 3695 - Greenhouse Gas and Vehicle Miles Traveled Mitigation Measures 
  • Task 3988 - History of the Impact of Freeway Development on Communities 
  • Task 3987 - Guidance for Operational Improvement Alternatives
  • Task 3888 - Road Usage Charge West (RUC West), TPF-5(451)


  • Task 3800 - Implementation of Advanced Technology and Materials Recycling Techniques for Use of Alternative Materials in Concrete as Plain or Reinforced Material
  • Task 3946 - Consequences-Based Analysis of Undrained Shear Behavior of Soils and Liquefaction Hazards, Phase 1: Filling the Data Gaps 
  • Task 3984 - Seismic Design of Bridge Pier Walls
  • Task 3985 - Liquefaction-Induced Ground Settlement Procedure
  • Task 3796 - Geotechnical Resistance Capacity and Stress Distribution of Soil/Grout Interface of Ground Anchors in Various Soil/Rock Conditions using Continuous Fiber Optics Strain Technology and Strain Compatibility Methodology
  • Task 3982 - Evaluation of Soil Plug Geotechnical Resistance in the Design of CISS Piles
  • Task 3795 - Developing and Calibrating Fragmental Rockfall Models Using Physics Engines
  • Task 3673 - In Service Structural Evaluation of Box Beam Overhead Sign Structures
  • Task 3798 - Determination of Recovery Bridge Corridors by Comparing Post EQ Network Performance


  • Task 3926 - Evaluation of Unmanned Surface Vessel-Based Topographic and Bathymetric Survey System in Flood Conditions
  • Task 3735 - No Boundaries Transportation Maintenance Innovations - TPF-5(441)
  • Task 3980 - Preliminary Investigation of Thermal Infrared Camera-based Obstacle Detection for Snow Plows and Tow Trucks
  • Task 3919 - Targeted Warning Messages to Protect Moving and Stationary Maintenance Lane Closures


  • Task 3917 - Recommendations for Update of California Airport Land Use Handbook 
  • Task 3913 - Digital Mobility Assistant for Disabled Transit Users 
  • Task 3923 - Digitizing Corridor Airspace for Unmanned Aircraft Systems/Advanced Air Mobility


  • Task 3768 - PPRC 20 PRS-J: Test to Measure CTE-Moisture Dependency
  • Task 3775 - PPRC 20 SUS-E: Alternative Supplementary Cementitious Materials
  • Task 3820 - PPRC 20 SUS-A: Environmental Life Cycle Assessment Updates and Applications


  • Task 3997 - National Accessibility Evaluation Phase II (TPF 4(455))
  • Task 3975 - California Transportation Improvement Program System (CTIPS) database
  • Task 3879 - Innovation Tools and Concept Strategies for System Planning

Right of Way and Land Surveys

  • Task 3870 - Research and Development of the Caltrans' Geospatial Technology Proving Ground


  • Task 1758 - TPF-5(241) Western States Rural Transportation Consortium (WSRTC)


  • Task 3067 - Roadside Safety Research for MASH Implementation: TTI Pooled Fund Project TPF-5(343)
  • Task 3906 - Phase 4: Strategies for Reducing Pedestrian and Bicyclist Injury at the Corridor Level (SMART4)
  • Task 3744 - Traffic Safety Culture - Phase 2  TPF-5(444)
  • Task 3948 - Mobile Device App for Wrong Way Driver Detection
  • Task 3935 - Complete Cities: Bicycle network connectivity evaluation methodology

Traffic Operations 

  • Task 3635 - Truck Parking Sensor Testing and Evaluation (P373 Support and Partial Match for I-10 Connected Corridor Coalition ATCMTD Grant Award)
  • Task 3272 - Enhanced Traffic Signal Performance Measures - Pooled Fund Study - TPF-5(377)
  • Task 3903 - Ramp Metering as an Effective Strategy to Mitigate Degraded HOV Lanes 
  • Task 3942 - Quality Over Quantity: A New Paradigm for Sensor Deployment