Project Delivery (PD) Directives

Project Delivery Directives are issued to provide direction and guidance on project delivery policies, standards and best practices.

Effective Date PD Directive Number and Description Owner
09/30/20 PD-15 Project Closeout Directive.pdf Project Management
08/29/13 PD-14 Policy & Guidelines for use of Cost + Time Bidding Provisions (PDF) Construction
03/14/14 PD-13 Value Engineering Change Proposals (VECP) (PDF) Construction
09/30/20 PD-12 Capital Outlay Support (COS) Charging Practices (PDF) Project Management
01/01/2021 PD-11 Management of Major and Minor A Capital Project Support Budgets (PDF) Project Management
09/04/12 PD-10 Permissible Design Activities during the NEPA Process (PDF) Design
10/01/20 PD-09 Project Risk Management (PDF) Project Management
04/05/12 PD-08 Earned Value Management of Capital Outlay Projects (PDF) Project Management
03/01/12 PD-07 Response to Bidder Inquiries (PDF) Construction
02/08/16 PD-06 Sharing of Electronic Files (PDF) (Supersedes PD-06 dated 2/1/2012) Design
02/26/10 PD-05 Constructability Reviews (PDF) Design
10/06/22 PD-04-R1 Project Contingencies and Supplemental Work (PDF) Construction
09/03/09 PD-03 Completion of the Remaining Metric Project on the SHS (PDF) Retired 4/13/2020 Design
07/24/20 PD-02-R1 Contaminated Property Acquisition (PDF) Environmental

PD-01 Project Delivery Directives (Supersedes PD-01 dated 2/26/2009 (PDF)

Project Delivery

Project Delivery Template (DOCX) -The development and approval of PD Directives are governed by PD-01.

Instructions (Revised 12/12/19) (PDF) for packaging draft Directive for signature.