Project Delivery (PD) Directives

Project Delivery Directives are issued to provide direction and guidance on project delivery policies, standards and best practices.

Effective Date PD Directive Number and Description Owner
9/30/20 PD-15 Project Closeout Directive.pdf Project Management
8/29/13 PD-14 Policy & Guidelines for use of Cost + Time Bidding Provisions (PDF) Construction
3/14/14 PD-13 Value Engineering Change Proposals (VECP) (PDF) Construction
9/30/20 PD-12 Capital Outlay Support (COS) Charging Practices (PDF) Project Management
01/01/2021 PD-11 Management of Major and Minor A Capital Project Support Budgets (PDF) Project Management
9/04/12 PD-10 Permissible Design Activities during the NEPA Process (PDF) Design
10/01/20 PD-09 Project Risk Management (PDF) Project Management
4/05/12 PD-08 Earned Value Management of Capital Outlay Projects (PDF) Project Management
3/01/12 PD-07 Response to Bidder Inquiries (PDF) Construction
02/08/16 PD-06 Sharing of Electronic Files (PDF) (Supersedes PD-06 dated 2/1/2012) Design
2/26/10 PD-05 Constructability Reviews (PDF) Design
10/22/09 PD-04 Project Contingencies and Supplemental Work (PDF) Design
9/03/09 PD-03 Completion of the Remaining Metric Project on the SHS (PDF) Retired 4/13/2020 Design
7/24/20 PD-02-R1 Contaminated Property Acquisition (PDF) Environmental

PD-01 Project Delivery Directives (Supersedes PD-01 dated 2/26/2009 (PDF)

Project Delivery

Project Delivery Template (DOCX) -The development and approval of PD Directives are governed by PD-01.

Instructions (Revised 12/12/19) (PDF) for packaging draft Directive for signature.