Notices of Intent to Award

This notice constitutes compliance with Public Contract Code (PCC) Section 10345 and Caltrans policy.

Notice is hereby given that Caltrans intends to award contract(s) as follows:

Name of Proposed Awardee Contract Number Date of Intent to Award Date of Award
Mesa Energy Systems, Inc.
05A2640 (IFB) 11/29/23 12/06/23
Thompson & Thompson Real Estate Valuation and Consulting
07A5672 (IFB) 11/29/23 12/06/23
Katch Environmental Services, Inc.
09A0982 (IFB) 11/28/23 12/05/23
74A1435 (RFP) 11/21/23  12/01/23
T&R Restore
DeAngelo Contracting Services, LLC
11A3628 (IFB) 11/15/23 11/22/23
Smart IT Pros, Inc
0723*527 / PO 0724*082 (RFQ) 11/08/23 11/16/23
P31 Enterprises, Inc.
10A2603 (IFB) 11/06/23 11/14/23
Cambridge Systematics
74A1437 (RFP) 11/03/23 11/10/23
H2O Urban Solutions dba H2O Plumbing Solutions
02A2229 (IFB) 11/02/23 11/09/23
Global Power Group, Inc.
08A3663 (IFB) 11/02/23 11/09/23