Become a Certified Business

Caltrans encourages prospective contractors to consider programs and preferences that are available to Small Businesses (SBs), Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises (DVBEs), Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs) and other businesses covered by state and federal programs and preferences.

State Programs

Caltrans is committed to an overall SB goal of 25 percent and an overall DVBE goal of 5 percent in order to increase the economic opportunity and development of SBs and DVBEs within the State of California.

California certified SBs, including Micro Businesses (MBs), and DVBEs are afforded better economic opportunities to compete in the state-funded informal price quotation processes against like businesses.

Using the SB/DVBE Option, Caltrans can award to the lowest responsible, responsive business by soliciting quotes from two certified SBs or two certified DVBEs. To learn how to become a certified SB or DVBE, visit the Department of General Services website.

Federal Programs

Caltrans is committed to an overall DBE goal of 22.2 percent on its federal-funded projects and applicable service contracts based upon a race-neutral and race-conscious methodology.

Contact the Office of Civil Rights to learn more about DBE opportunities or to find a DBE subcontractor.