Concrete Pavement Guide

concrete pavement guide cover page

The Concrete Pavement Guide (CPG) provides a comprehensive overview of current new construction- reconstruction, preservation, and rehabilitation strategies used by the Department for concrete pavement. The information in the CPG applies to all concrete pavement. Some topics were previously addressed in the Maintenance Technical Advisory Guide (MTAG).

The CPG reflects updated Caltrans concrete pavement practices, including effectiveness and limitations; strategy and materials selection; design issues; and implementation of the latest construction contract standard plans, specifications, and bid items for individual pavement strategies. The CPG assists district design, maintenance, and materials personnel with concrete pavement project delivery by supplementing information and design standards contained in Highway Design Manual (HDM) Chapters 600 - 670.

Some relevant concrete pavement construction information is included in the CPG, but the Construction Manual should be referenced for more comprehensive information about specific construction procedures.

The CPG is divided into 19 topical chapters organized into 4 parts: Part 1 provides general information and an overview of concrete pavement strategies and evaluation; Part 2 covers new concrete pavement and reconstruction strategies; Part 3 preservation strategies; and Part 4 rehabilitation strategies. Some chapters are reserved for future development.

Concrete Pavement Guide: January 2015 (PDF)


  • Cover-Preface Contents: January 2015 

Part 1: General Information

  • Chapter 100: Pavement Management Strategies
  • Chapter 110: Strategy Evaluation
  • Chapter 120: Pavement Design and Materials

Part 2: New or Reconstruction Strategies

  • Chapter 200: Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement (CRCP)
  • Chapter 210: Jointed Plain Concrete Pavement (JPCP)
  • Chapter 220: Precast Panel Concrete Pavement (PPCP) - Future Development

Part 3: Preservation Strategies

  • Chapter 300: Subsealing and Jacking - Future Development
  • Chapter 310: Spall Repair
  • Chapter 320: Individual Slab Replacement 
    • Slab vs. Lane Replacement - Quick Reference Guide
  • Chapter 330: Dowel Bar Retrofit
  • Chapter 340: Grinding and Grooving
  • Chapter 350: Specialized Surface Treatments - Future Development
  • Chapter 360: Joint and Crack Sealing
  • Chapter 370: HMA Overlays - Future Development
  • Chapter 380: CRCP Full-Depth Repair

Part 4: Rehabilitation Strategies

  • Chapter 400: Lane Replacement
    • Slab vs. Lane Replacement - Quick Reference Guide
  • Chapter 410: Concrete Overlay


  • Appendix A: Online References