Workmanship and Welding Quality


Weld design, preparation, procedures, materials, and quality shall conform to ANSI/AWS D14.3-94 and ANSI/AWS D14.4-97.

Welded joint design shall be per ANSI/AWS standards as described in referenced publications AWS-D14.3 and AWS D14.4.

Although certified welders are not required, it is expected that the final weld quality will be equivalent to a weld made by a certified welder.

Drawings contain one or both of the following notes:

1. All joints to be welded Continuous, unless otherwise specified. Size of all welds to be at least the thickness of the thinner of the adjacent metals. Welds are to be uniform and neat in appearance.

2. The work shall be positioned for flat welding wherever possible. Use proper procedures and sequence of welding to avoid needless distortion and minimize shrinkage stresses of the assembly.