Appendix C2. PPG Industries Product Specifications

1 Scope

The scope of this specification defines the minimum procedures and qualifications that must be met when applying coatings to equipment and vehicles operated by Caltrans.

  1. Acceptable paint products and paint procedures are listed in Section 6. Only those products listed are acceptable products for Caltrans equipment and vehicles. Suppliers of material shall not deviate from these specified products or established color requirements unless written approval is obtained from Caltrans

2 Safety Documentation

  1. PPG Industries shall have a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) available for each product of the coatings system.
  2. PPG industries will furnish safety handling procedures specific to the spray application of the coating system to insure minimum hazard to operation personnel.
  3. Safety instruction to include information on handling precautions, proper protective equipment and recommended treatments(s) for exposure to skin, eyes and internal ingestion.
  4. The coatings applicator shall be responsible for compliance with local, state, and federal fire codes and regulations pertaining to safety, industrial hygiene and environment.
  5. The coatings applicator will keep updated MSDS on file for the coatings being stored and used.	

3 Preparation of Paint Materials

  1. All coatings material shall be delivered to Caltrans or a designated refurbish/repair shop in the original, undamaged and unopened containers bearing the PPG Industries name, brand and product code number.
  2. All ancillary products, additives, solvents and catalysts shall be from PPG Industries.
  3. All paint materials and products shall be prepared for use in strict accordance with the latest recommendations from PPG Industries.
  4. Before application, all paints and related items are PPG be mixed in accordance with the written recommendations of PPG Industries.
  5. Prior to painting the coatings applicator is to verify the color to original standard. If the color is deemed useable, the coatings applicator may go forward with the painting operation. If the color is deemed unacceptable, the supplier is to be contacted regarding the color discrepancy before any painting operation has begun.
  6. No paint materials for which the PPG Industries stated pot-life has been exceeded may be applied or mixed into a new mixed solution of coatings.
  7. All paint materials shall be stored in a clean, dry and well-protected place. Materials shall be kept away from sparks, flames, direct sunlight and excessive heat or cold. Once the coatings supplier delivers materials, the coatings applicator accepts the responsibility for the protection and safety of the material.

4 General Paint Requirements

  1. The coatings applicator shall follow PPG Industries instructions regarding handling, preparing and applying the coatings, including paint storage, straining, mixing, viscosity, usage of thinners and pot-life.
  2. Special attention will be given to proper application of coatings according to the specified dry film thickness recommendations of PPG Industries.
  3. When applied according toe PPG Industries instructions to a properly prepared substrate, the cured coating system shall exhibit a finish with no runs, sags, craters, pinholes, or other defects when compared to the approved standard.
  4. Product or technical data bulletins should be consulted for any needed information above that which has been outlined herein.
  5. All paint materials shall be prepared and applied in accordance with this specification and PPG industries latest written recommendations.
  6. Due to the varying nature of substrates, coatings should be tested on sample standards to ensure compatibility of coatings with the substrate and cleaning methods utilized.
  7. Apply product only when air, product or substrate surface temperature is above 50° F (10° C) and when the surface temperature is at least 5° F (3° C) above the dew point.

5 Initial Cleaning and Preparation

  1. When cleaning equipment or a vehicle for refinishing, all tar, grease, grime, silicones, waxes and dirt shall be completely removed.
  2. Surfaces on all vehicles and equipment shall be sanded, stripped or blasted where necessary, to ensure proper surface preparation.
  3. Before painting, all repairs must be completed. Any filler material used in the repair must be compatible with all chemicals and coatings used in the refinishing process.
  4. Mask all non-painted surfaces (glass, plastic, rubber, etc) prior to the sanding, stripping or blasting operation.
  5. Once the vehicle or equipment has been sanded, stripped or blasted, the coating operation must begin immediately to avoid flash rusting or contamination of the surface.
  6. Review the Caltrans Paint Procedure for additional information.

6 Application of Coating System

The following coatings systems have been recommended as viable coatings systems for Caltrans vehicles and equipment. Paint personnel shall consult the proper product bulletins for application information on the listed coatings systems. All bulletins should be reviewed before applying any coatings systems.

Description Bulletin Number
  DRS Delta ® Cleaners FL-100
  SX1005 Special Performance Products PD-733

F3970 Delfleet ® Evolution 2.1 VOC Ultra High Solids Primer

  F3950 Delfleet ® Evolution 3.5 VOC High Solids Epoxy Primer DFT-051
Topcoat Systems
  FDGU Delfleet ® Evolution 2.8 VOC High Solids Polyurethane Enamel DFT-003
  FDSU Delfleet ® Evolution 2.8 VOC Ultra High Solids Polyurethane Enamel DFT-064
  Orange PPG 61696
  Fleet White PPG 90604
  Black PPG 9714
  Gray PPG 35937
  White PPG 91327
Clearcoat Systems
  F3911 Delfleet ® Evolution 3.5 VOC Chemical Resistant Clear DFT-061
  F3920 Delfleet ® Evolution 3.5 VOC High Solids Clear DFT-021

7 Coatings Supplier Requirements	

  1. PPG will provide at the request of the end user on site training for the usage of the products outlined herein.
  2. PPG shall provide expert, technical service on site in relation to the handling and use of the specified products.

8 Resolution of Conflicts	

  1. The coatings applicator shall be responsible for requesting prompt clarification when instructions are lacking, conflicts occur in the specification and or paint supplier’s literature, or procedure specified is not clearly exampled.
  2. In the event that the coatings applicator fails to resolve these conflicts, the coatings applicator shall be responsible for handling discrepancies.