Appendix B. DuPont Process Specifications

  1. Double check for missing or bad welds, missing options, etc. Avoid having to burn up new paint, which will need touch up.
  2. Scrape off welding spatter. Grind or sand to bevel all sheared or sharp edges. This will help to prevent corrosion from appearing prematurely in these areas.
  3. Sandblast or phosphate wash thoroughly.
  4. If Phosphate Wash is used, all rust and mill scale must be sanded off prior to wash. All sanding, grinding, and scraping must be done prior to wash.
  5. Units need to be primed as soon as possible after metal treatment to avoid contamination, or corrosion.
  6. Prime with DuPont Corlar® 934S Epoxy Primer, or DuPont V2910S DTM Epoxy Primer. Follow instructions provided on Product Data Sheets for these products.
  7. Topcoat with DuPont Imron® 5000. Follow instructions provided on DuPont Product Data Sheets.

For information on DuPont and DuPont products, including PDS and MSDS, log on to, or contact your local DuPont representative.

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DuPont Imron 5000 Technical Specification

DuPont DTM Epoxy Primer/Sealer V-2910S VS1

DuPont Colar 934S Undercoat