13. Other Maintenance Classes

13.1 Miscellaneous Equipment

Other large equipment shall be fleet white if this choice does not cost extra. Otherwise, standard factory color and finish are acceptable as long as they comply with the lead-free and compatibility requirements of the Caltrans Paint and Coatings standard (PDF) .

This image shows the side of a Caltrans tanker. This image shows the rear of a Caltrans tanker.

This image shows the side of a Caltrans tanker from an oblique angle.

13.2 Additional Maintenance Classes

Caltrans maintains a diverse equipment fleet. Specific descriptions of additional maintenance classes or other subgroups will be added on an as-needed basis. Subgroups may include sweepers, loaders, graders, mud trucks, etc.

13.3 Striping and Decal Drawings

Equipment Type Document
Tanker, 4,000-Gal I-61126-DE