Self-Assessments and Monitoring

Under the current 23 USC 327 NEPA Assignment MOU, pursuant to MAP-21, Caltrans monitors its performance of federal NEPA responsibilities and reports to the FHWA. As the federal NEPA agency, Caltrans monitors the approval of environmental documents for highway projects consistent with the practices that were audited by the FHWA during the early years of the Pilot Program. On an annual basis, Caltrans reports to FHWA the results of its monitoring reviews of draft and final environmental documents and project environmental files. Caltrans environmental documents and files are reviewed to ensure they document federal content and procedural requirements.

Under the 23 USC 327 NEPA Assignment MOU, pursuant to SAFETEA-LU, Caltrans was required to conduct self-assessments biannually during the first two years of the Pilot Program and then annually for the duration of the Pilot MOU. The purpose of the self-assessments was to evaluate and report on the effectiveness of the Caltrans QC & QA process. The reports also described Caltrans' progress in meeting performance measures outlined in the MOU.