Fish Passage

In 2006 SB 857 was passed (Streets and Highways Code, Section 156.1), which requires Caltrans to remediate barriers to salmon and steelhead habitat on the State Highway System. Caltrans is required to provide a report to Legislature in October of each year that provides information on progress for the previous year. Caltrans is required to track and provide information on; 1) crossing assessments, 2) District and Fish Passage Advisory Committee (FishPAC) biological priorities, 3) information for remediated barriers and 4) status of locations currently in project delivery.

Projects to remediate fish passage barriers to salmon and steelhead are regulated by agencies with jurisdiction over listed species such as California Fish and Wildlife and National Marine Fisheries Service, as well as agencies with jurisdiction over other project area resources and habitat, some examples include; the US Army Corps of Engineers, Water Quality Control Board, US Fish and Wildlife, and the California Coastal Commission.

The Caltrans Districts that have current or historic salmon and steelhead habitat partner with the California Department of Fish & Wildlife as well as other state, federal and non-profit partners in FishPAC’s. FishPAC's work together to improve science and data and to identify barriers with the highest biological value for Priority Funding.