Quail Software

Quail is geotechnical engineering software developed and maintained by Geotechnical Services, Division of Engineering Services, California Department of Transportation (Caltrans). This software is developed to facilitate and ensure consistent digital data recording of pullout tests of soil nails and ground anchors and assist contractors and resident engineers in evaluating the test results.

Quail includes the following main features

  • Require consistent data entry of test information 
  • Provide options for all load schedules required in Caltrans Standard Specifications
  • Provide options for alternative load schedules
  • Display graphs of the load test
  • Provide evaluation of test results
  • Save data in .xml database format so that the data can be upload into Caltrans SQL server 

The software runs under the Windows native operating system. The software will not function on a computer running Windows through virtual machine software. You may download Quail installation file from the link provided below.

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Download Quail (ZIP)