Product Evaluation Program (PEP)

Caltrans Product Evaluation Program (PEP) is dedicated to the objective, impartial, consistent and timely evaluation of products for use in the construction, maintenance, and operation of the State's transportation system. This includes new products and products to be added to existing Authorized Material Lists (AMLs). AMLs are specified in Caltrans specifications and are primarily a proactive measure used in conjunction with other acceptance activities as outlined in Department standards and guidance documents. Each new product is evaluated on the basis of performance, need, departmental priorities, and compliance with health, safety, and environmental laws, regulations, and policies. Eligible products must be fully developed, commercially available, and ready for use in the construction, maintenance, and operation of the State's transportation system.

Do I need to submit my product for evaluation?

Not all products need to be submitted for evaluation.

Answering the following questions below will help you decide:

  • Does my product meet Caltrans specifications?

    If your product meets Caltrans specifications, do not submit your product for evaluation. You may market your product to contractors who bid on Caltrans projects. Check current Caltrans Specifications.

  • Can my product be added to an existing Authorized Material List (AML)?

    Your product must meet the current AML authorization criteria. To submit your product for evaluation to be included on an existing AML, complete the following steps:

  • How do I submit my product for evaluation if it does not meet Caltrans specifications?

    To submit a request for evaluation of a product that does not meet current Caltrans specifications or established AML criteria, complete the following steps:

    • Check current Caltrans Specifications.
    • Complete the New Product Evaluation Submittal Form (TL 9501).
    • Submit your completed New Product Evaluation Submittal Form via e-mail to
    • The Department will respond to new product submittals within 90 days of receipt unless an exception is granted.


  • How long does the evaluation take?

    The evaluation of a new product is expected to be completed within 90 days unless the technical committee working on that product has an approved exception. In that case, vendors will be notified of the time frame they can expect. This timeline does not include the implementation by specification, AML development, or field trial. For a product to be added to an existing Authorized Material List (AML), the target timeline for evaluating a product is 30 days, unless otherwise specified in the AML Authorization Criteria. The evaluation time may vary depending on the material and the quality assurance processes in place.

  • How can I expedite the evaluation process?

    Vendors can ensure that they have read the Caltrans Specifications and AML authorization criteria, that appropriate testing has been performed at accredited labs, and that they submit a complete package. Due to the limited resources that Caltrans has to perform these evaluations, the evaluations cannot be further expedited. Caltrans has committed to a 90-day response time for any product. If an evaluation will exceed the 90-day period, the vendor will be notified of the expected time frame.

  • How do I get my product on an Authorized Material List (AML)?

    Caltrans maintains lists of preapproved materials or products authorized to be used in construction contracts. Products to be added to an existing AML must meet the criteria for that specific AML. To submit a product for addition to an existing AML, please complete the Authorized Material List Submittal Form (TL 9502).

  • When are priorities available?

    By June for the upcoming fiscal year.

  • Can I sell my product to Caltrans?

    Products used for highway construction should be sold to contractors who work in Caltrans construction projects. For further information on selling to Caltrans, please refer to the "Sell to Caltrans" web page.

  • Can we meet with you to show you our new product?

    Evaluations of new products are performed by different technical experts depending on their type. The Product Evaluation Coordinator is the point of contact for submitting evaluation requests and serves as the administrator of the Product Evaluation Program. The coordinator does not have any influence in the determination, so meeting with the Product Evaluation Coordinator is of no value to a vendor. After a complete submittal, the Product Evaluation Coordinator will forward your submittal to the appropriate technical committee. If the Technical Committee requires additional information, you will be contacted by a Technical Committee’s representative.

  • How can I tell if my product meets Caltrans specifications?

    Vendors must check the current Caltrans Specifications.

  • How can I download the submittal form?

    If you are having problems with downloading the forms, you might be using an old version of Acrobat/Reader or you are using other software. Some programs like Firefox, MacOS, and Outlook have their own built in PDF readers that are not compatible with the LiveCycle PDF forms that Caltrans uses for these forms. You must use a compatible PDF viewer to open these files, the official software for opening Caltrans PDF forms is either Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader.

    If you are still experiencing problems viewing a PDF online, please download the PDF to your hard drive and open it at the saved location. To save the document to your hard drive, right click on the link and select the "save target as... or save link as..." option.

  • Can I get help filling out the forms?

    The New Product Evaluation Submittal Form (TL 9501) and Authorized Material List Submittal Form (TL 9502) are self-explanatory. Please respond to each of the questions on the forms before submitting. If you have questions or comments on the content of the forms, please send your questions to

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