CTAbut Software

CTAbut is an LRFD compliant seat type bridge abutment analysis and design program that runs in the Windows® operating system.

Software Program Features:

  • Allows the user to describe the backwall, stem, footing, and foundation of seat type bridge abutments.
  • Uses customary US units.
  • Considers 3 degrees of freedom: longitudinal rotation (moments) and vertical and longitudinal translation (forces).
  • Users can describe concrete, reinforcement, and backfill material properties.
  • Users can indicate the amounts of concrete flexure and shear reinforcement at specified critical locations.
  • Users can describe either deep pile foundations or shallow foundations on soil or rock.
  • Factors and combines load effects according to LRFD specifications.
  • Performs concrete reinforcement checks compliant with LRFD specifications.
  • Performs geotechnical stability analysis of the foundation.
  • Prepares both summary and complete reports as well as a report showing geotechnical results.
  • Does not account for any internal or external effects of abutment skew.

Purchase Information:

Both an evaluation and a full version of the software are available. The price per license is $1,200 for full version and $100 for evaluation version.  After purchasing the software download the following installation file (the same file is used for either version). Instructions for obtaining a license are included in the file.  Please send your purchase request to CTAbut@dot.ca.gov.

CT Abut Version 3.1.0 (ZIP)

Licensing Questions:

Please contact us at this email address: ctabut@dot.ca.gov