Enterprise Data Governance (CTDATA)


Caltrans’ enterprise data governance program is known as CTDATA which stands for Caltrans Data is Authoritative, Trusted, and Accessible.  CTDATA actions work to enable staff to provide reliable, accessible, sharable, quality controlled, and documented data for use by Caltrans and its partners that supports analysis and decision making. Contact CTDATA.

Data is an Asset

Caltrans has adopted a set of data governance goals that recognize data as an important agency asset – consistent with AASHTO’s Core Data Principles.

Much like our physical assets, data needs to be maintained – good stewardship of data involves ensuring that data are of sufficient quality to serve the intended purposes.


  • Data Value

    Increase the value of agency data for decision making by establishing and supporting data stewards responsible for improving data relevance, quality, usability, discoverability and accessibility.

  • Data Sharing

    Maximize sharing of existing data across agency business units by building awareness of agency data resources and encouraging data re-use.

  • Data Literacy

    Build agency staff awareness of available data sources and capabilities to make effective use of data.

  • Data Efficiency

    Reduce data redundancy by establishing single authoritative sources for data elements and encouraging collaboration across business units on new data collection or acquisition efforts.

  • Data Consistency

    Increase data consistency and interoperability through standardizing data definitions and formats.

  • Data Protection

    Protect sensitive and confidential data from unauthorized access


Open Data

CTDATA follows practices defined in the California Open Data Handbook and publishes data classified as public by our data stewards to the California State Open Data Portal and California State Geoportal, as applicable.