iEWB Requirements

Welcome Java Migration

The Caltrans team is preparing to upgrade iCAS-iEWB (Extra Work Billing system) to a newer version of Java.  Admin rights are required to install and uninstall JRE software. Please remove Jinitator and JAVA 6 & 7 prior to the install of (JRE 8) 32-bit because they cause software conflicts.  JRE 64-bit is not supported by iEWB/iCAS application. It may require uninstalling before Java 8 32-bit and URL connect works. You may find the Java Article on how to uninstall older JAVA from system helpful. Link as follows:

Please download and install the newest version of Java, JRE 8 (32-bit), is required to improve security for external users. Please contact iEWB administrators to start to download and install the latest JRE 32-bit at on Monday, September 24, 2018. 

Java 8 deployment will take place on Monday, September 24, 2018.  All external users have been using Java JRE 6. JRE 6 will not be able to access iCAS-iEWB (Extra Work Billing system) after JRE deployment on Monday.  A new URL and Java 8  will be required going forward. It will NOT be fully ready until the 24th.

Please consult your own Information Technology support to resolve any Java and network issues.