About iEWB

The Caltrans Division of Construction uses the internet Extra Work Billing (iEWB) system to process extra work bills from contractors. Contractors must use iEWB to send these bills electronically to the resident engineer for processing.

The iEWB process involves payments made to contractors on highway construction projects for work performed on a contract change order. Changes made in existing contract plans and specifications or in new plans and specifications covering unanticipated conditions or conditions not fully delineated in the contract must be covered by contract change order.

The iEWB system allows online communication between the prime contractor and the resident engineer when they create and send extra work bills for processing. When the resident engineer approves bills for payment, iEWB sends the payment information to the Contract Administration System for processing. Validating and verifying electronic extra work bills for accuracy provides for efficient processing of bills. The rejection and revision processes of extra work bills are also improved because the bill is viewable electronically by both contractor and resident engineer, eliminating delays caused by mailing paper documents.

When contractors send extra work bills to the resident engineer, iEWB has an electronic record for users to view a bill’s progress and its approval, rejection, revision, or payment status.