Chapter 4: Construction Details, Section 59: Structural Steel Coatings

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Published: July 2019

Section 59 Structural Steel Coatings

4-5901 General

This section provides guidelines for inspecting structural steel coatings for work specified under Section 59, “Structural Steel Coatings,” of the Standard Specifications. For more information regarding painting steel structures, refer to Section 59, “Structural Steel Coatings,” of Structure Construction’s Bridge Construction Records and Procedures Manual, Vol. 2.

4-5902 Before Work Begins

Review Sections 4-91, “Paint,” and 6-2, “Acceptance of Manufactured or Fabricated Materials and Products,” of this manual.

After the prepainting meeting, obtain and review the contractor’s painting quality work plan for structural steel painting or paint removal.

4-5903 During the Course of Work

Refer to Section 59, “Structural Steel Coatings,” of Structure Construction’s Bridge Construction Records and Procedures Manual for guidelines on inspecting surface preparation, paint application, thickness of paint film, and protective measures.

Take the following steps:

  • Check that surfaces have been prepared as the specifications require.
  • Allow application of paint only to thoroughly dry surfaces and only during periods of favorable weather.

4-5904 Quality Control

Department acceptance for structural steel painting consists of verification inspection that validates the contractor’s quality control sampling and testing program. This verification inspection consists of witnessing the contractor’s quality control to assure that the contractor measures coating thickness, coating adhesion, and soluble salt levels at the frequency specified and at locations determined by the resident engineer.

4-5905 Payment

For the basis of measurement and payment, refer to the appropriate sections of the special provisions and Standard Specifications.

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